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Available in ¼, ½, ¾, or Full Pound

Premium Black Angus Brisket – $16.84 ½ lb

Our 1855 premium Brisket is smoked over imported Texas Post Oak and sliced to order.


Petite Beef Filet – $17.77 ½ lb
1855 Premium Beef Filet smoked to a medium rare and sliced to order. Served with our Green Chili Horseradish Sauce.


Texas Style Smoked Turkey Breast – $11.23 ½ lb
You will be surprised at this moist, juicy and peppery Turkey with just the right amount of smoke.


Creekstone Farms Bacon Brisket – $11.23 ½ lb

This same cut as Bacon is uncured and prepared just like our Brisket. Making for a rich, savory and indulgent bite of barbequed Pork.


Texas Style Pulled Pork – $11.23 ½ lb

Moist and tender Pork Shoulder kissed by smoke and flame of our Post Oak. Pulled and simply seasoned.

Chopped Brisket – $x.xx each
Our Brisket chopped and lightly sauced with our Mountain Maple Barbeque Sauce.


Jalapeno and Cheese Smoked Sausage – $4.68 each

Beef and Pork Blend with the perfect amount of Jalapeno and Cheese makes for a juicy and tender Sausage.


Cracked Black Pepper Smoked Sausage – $4.68 each

A traditional Texas Sausage that is a Beef and Pork blend. Smokey and juicy with cracked Black Pepper.


Texas Twinkie – $5.61 each

A Jalapeno stuffed with Brisket and Cream Cheese. Wrapped in Bacon. Smoked and drizzled with a Chili Cream.


Trinity Tray – $21.58
¼ lb Brisket, ¼ 1b Smoked Turkey Breast, Sausage Link, House Made Bread & Butter Pickles, Pickled Red Onions & 2 Martin’s Famous Potato Buns

Smoked French Dip – $14.97

Smoked Petite Filet, Swiss Cheese on a Toasted Roll, Served with Au Jus & Green Chili Horseradish Sauce


Rio Blanco Cubano – $13.10

Our take on a Cuban Sandwich. House Smoked Pulled Pork, House Smoked Pork Belly, Swiss Cheese, House Made Pickles & our El Dorado Mustard Sauce on a Toasted Roll


Texas 2 Step – $14.97

Smoked Turkey Breast, Southern Sausage, Swiss Cheese, House Made Bread & Butter Pickles, El Dorado Mustard Sauce on a Toasted Roll

Chopped Beef Brisket Sandwich – $11.23
House Smoked Brisket chopped & simmered in our Mountain Maple BBQ Sauce on a Martin’s Famous Potato Bun


Pulled Pork Sandwich – $9.35
House Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder on a Martin’s Famous Potato Bun


Smoked Sausage Wrap – $8.42
Smoked Sausage in Tortilla


Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich – $9.35
House Smoked & Shaved Turkey on a Martin’s Famous Potato Bun

All sides $3.74


Mexican Street Corn – Sweet Corn, in a warm Lime Cream Sauce, Topped with Cotija Cheese, Chili Powder, Cilantro &  Lime


Pimento Cheese Pasta Salad – Everything you love about Pimento Cheese & Pasta Salad in one great side


Red Cabbage & Cranberry Slaw – Mix of Red Cabbage, Carrots & Dried Cranberries in a Sweet & Tangy Dressing


Green Chile & Cheddar Grits – Fire Roasted Hatch Chiles & Cheddar Grits

Mountain Maple
Tomato based, sweet & peppery


El Dorado
Mustard based, tangy & flavorful


Zorro Sauce
Vinegar based, bright, tangy, with a touch of heat